Tough week

This has been an extremely tough week. I stopped drinking coffee on Monday, and the caffeine withdrawals hit hard over the next two days. This has been followed by a sore body and the signs of flu developing. At the moment I am full of various meds to help my immune system beat this before it gets hold of me. Now to the other part of this week, teaching, developing and learning. It is a bit hard thinking tonight with my head feeling a bit dazed…

This weeks highlights: Brilliant weather, exploring Australia’s history with indigenous groups during the 1960’s/70’s. Students are interested and we are constantly sharing ideas, viewpoint and having great discussions. 

Weeks struggle: No Coffee………; also Lance Armstrong is one of my all-time heroes and I hope the truth will prevail and the witch-hunt will come to an end.

Future idea: Looking at improving my own teaching constantly. I need to develop my skills in all areas of teaching, and I know that this will be am ongoing process over the course of my career. For now I will look at watching some of my peers teach, books from uni and through my network of education specialists on Twitter.

Inspiration: Death of Neil Armstrong brought back the idea of what man can be capable of if we put our minds to it. I hope that I can inspire my students to be lifelong learners and have enquiring minds, and that they will live their life to the full.

Weblinks: Just found, and it looks like there could be some potential in this site. Also has some exciting new apps to enhance the whole Evernote platform.

Here is to having a great week, feeling better and learning constantly.

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