Past halfway

Once again another week has flown by and Term 3 is past the half-way mark.

This weeks highlights: We bought a new BBQ, and had our first meal on it today, but that is not related to teaching at all. One of the few highlights from this week included seeing the  students starting to think outside the box with marketing concepts for their assignments and being extremely creative.

Weeks struggle: One of my students that is always struggling in every subject went extremely well in the first part of his exam with me, and then completely missed the second part(which counted 70%). It is frustrating and inspiring to see what the hidden potential is of this student. I have other students that still fail to see the big picture and how their current actions affect their future. It is sad and frustrating.

Future idea: Need to look at how to become more paperless in every aspect of life. I hate all the papers that pile up, need filing and organising. Digital solutions for paper is the future to help organising, filing and managing administration. Also eportfolio for myself and my own teaching development. This is to see how i grow personally and professionally in this profession.

Inspiration: Vicki Davis, the coolcatteacher blogger, teacher, author and inspirer of teachers, continuously gives advice and guidance for teachers. She is a committed christian and fantastic educator. I love reading her blog every day and always referring to our professions as ‘noble’.

Weblinks: and provide greta education articles.

For a non-writer it is hard to develop a narrative for a blog, and as I develop I hope to improve with every post.

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