Eventful week

Well I almost did not get around to doing my weekly blog this week. It is 11pm on Sunday night, just finished doing some prep for the week ahead and realised I had not done the blog yet.

This weeks highlights: Athletics Carnivals are always a highlight. I love seeing the students compete and doing well. It is one of my fondest memories from school. Second would be an excursion to Bundaburg Rum factory to see their operations and the chemistry class tagged along to hear about the fermentation processes involving the sugar cane. Thirdly was hearing from my Year 12’s that they will all be using webpages, video or audio podcasting for their research assignment presentations. This is a really exciting step forward. 

Weeks struggle: Student apathy to studies is a constant struggle, including students that mis school so often that it makes it difficult for them to grow and learn.

Future idea: Investigating more and more on how to use Evernote more in my subjects. Starting to plan on how I can trial it and have data to hopefully illustrate its effectiveness.

Inspiration: Athletics day, Usain Bolt, and all the athletes competing at school and the Olympics

Weblinks: Pastelink.me is similar to dropbox, but it allows a url to be created and they only store files for 7 days. Two teaching webpages that i found this week; http://edtechteacher.org and http://www.teachhub.com/. Both have great articles and links in there.

It is taking time to realise how I need to approach blogging and it is a constantly developing process.  Till next time.

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