Weekly Recap

Four weeks into Term 3 in my second year of teaching. My last post mentioned that I have set myself the challenge of writing weekly on a highlight, a struggle, an idea for the future and an inspiration from the week. I’ve also decided to write about my favourite web pages found each week. So here we start:

This weeks highlights: One of my Year 12 students saying that are really going to miss my class next year. Some of my students doing presentations using video documentary, designing a webpage on wix.com and using Prezzi. It is just great to see them embracing technology and integrating it seamlessly.

Weeks struggle: Students lack of internet access hampering their research assignments. Frustration with certain admin parts of teaching. I also applied to be on a Panel for Modern History, but with only 18 months experience they decided it was not enough. I have to have the minimum 2 years. I knew it was a long shot, but I will just keep on improving my skills and reapply next year.

Future idea: I’m in the process of writing assessment tasks with Evernote and focus on Social Media integrated, and I will look to see how to bring Blogging into the units as well.

Inspiration: Olympic Games is always inspiring, especially seeing how years of hard work pays off for those magical few seconds of performance.

Weblinks: Prezzi has been interesting, plus Wix.com, and www.the-map-as-history.com has been incredibly useful in my history classes.

It was good to just sit down and reflect on the week that has been. In some parts it has been one of the most frustrating weeks teaching, and in other instances it has been rewarding to see my students do well. Till next time.

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