Countdown time for seniors and reflection on journey

Term 3 has started and that means my senior students only have 4 months left in their school life. It has been an exciting journey with them these past 18 months. They have been with me since my first official day as a qualified teacher, and I have seen them grow and seen myself develop over this period.

My seniors have grown in confidence and skill, they have learnt new technology, they have acquired skills in research and develop the ability to really start thinking for themselves. I’m extremely confident that most of them are ready for the next phase of their journey through life. I’m incredibly proud of what some of them have accomplished thus far, and I’m so looking forward to this term and how they will finish this year.

For myself I’m getting more and more excited every single day with my profession. Education is exciting, challenging, invigorating, stimulating, sometimes frustrating, time consuming, awe-inspiring, rewarding, amazing, life-changing and what I believe I was always meant to do. Every day I find more motivation and qualities to aspire to, and I will be working hard to keep developing and learning every single day for the rest of my career.

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